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About Mimi’s Wig Boutique

About Mimi's Wig BoutiqueMimi Vincent, Master Stylist, started making women beautiful in the 1960’s.  Her innate talent was demonstrated while she was attending cosmetology school and won a prestigious award at a Denver Cosmetology Convention.  That award, coupled with Mimi’s contagious personality and sheer talent provided her with the ability to have worked in some of the most prominent salons.

After spending two decades working in a salon she went into a local wig shop to purchase wigs for an upcoming vacation in 1979.  The owner told Mimi her shop was for sale and encouraged Mimi to purchase it.  After discussing with her husband, Richard, they decided to purchase the shop.  Their vision was to upgrade the level of service and expertise and to change the way most people thought about wig shops.

Mimi spent years creating a loving, compassionate atmosphere to make customers suffering from all types of hair  loss feel not only comfortable but beautiful.  In addition, Mimi also catered to those wanting to purchase wigs for the convenience,  vacation or to wear on a daily basis to save time doing their hair.  She created a warm, supportive environment  to encourage those who needed a boost of confidence to wear a wig.  She truly loves making each person the best they can be and is genuinely thrilled each time she sees a smile on a customers face.

Mimi’s vision included creating a boutique environment with accessories, clothing and other unique items that encompassed making women feel beautiful. Her two daughters, Valorie and Kim worked in the boutique all through high school and college and loved working with their Mom and helping the customers.  Mimi continued devoting herself to the boutique and worked tirelessly until 2012 when they decided to spend more time with family, church, travel and friends.

In 2012 her daughter Kim, purchased the shop to continue the family legacy.  With a degree in Marketing, Kim has spent 25 years working in the healthcare field.  Mimi’s gives her the opportunity to use what she has learned and also the ability to continue working in a compassionate environment.   She aspires to continue the vision Mimi so carefully created and maintain the exceptional level of customer service that has been attached to the Mimi’s Wig Boutique name for many years.  Kim is very hands on and is working in the shop most days.