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Caring for your Wig


Synthetic wigs can be washed just as you would wash a fine sweater. You should hand wash your wig in lukewarm-to-cold water with synthetic wig shampoo. Never use shampoo for human hair or hot water.

You may have to give the wig more attention to the forehead area of the wig, which may be soiled by make-up. After washing the wig, rinse it in cool water. Do not use heat to dry. Let the wig dry naturally, placing it on the showerhead or over a hairspray can so that the inside and outside will dry at the same time. It will usually dry in ten to twelve hours. You will destroy a synthetic wig if you attempt to dry the wig by using a hair dryer, clothes dryer, microwave, direct sun light, or any direct heat. Let the wig dry naturally…

Wigs are sensitive to heat and can be harmed if exposed.  Heated styling products should never be used.  In addition, extreme care should be used when cooking.  For example, the blast of heat from an oven, steam from the dishwasher dry cycle, steam from boiling water or stir frying.  Be sure not to let a cigarette or candle get too close.

When dry, the wig can be combed and easily shaped to its original style. Because synthetic wigs are pre-styled, they keep their basic style even after repeated washings.

If you have any problems wearing your wig, caring for your wig or need additional assistance,  a professional wig salon will provide continue those services long after the sale. They should also be equipped with excellent styling services and products especially made for wigs.

Caring for your Wig - Mimi's Wig Boutique