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Choosing a Wig


Ryan Estetica CHROME RT 1BYour choice of wigs will be between a human hair and a synthetic fiber wig.

Human hair will react just as your own hair does to humidity and other environmental conditions and will require daily styling.  Human hair wigs can be made to your exact specifications, even accommodating any unusual coloring or uncommon coloring variances your own hair may have. It takes several weeks to custom make, and the cost will be about five to twenty times more than for a synthetic wig. Typically, most people opt for synthetic wigs, therefore, Mimi’s carries top quality synthetic wigs.

Synthetic wigs are more popular because they look natural yet require less care, are less expensive, and can give you the look you want. Today’s synthetic wigs look and feel like human hair, but they weigh much less. They are pre-styled, so you can choose a style and color and wear the wig the same day you purchase it. They come in virtually every style, length, color and color blend. Because synthetics do not lose their shape as human hair wigs do, they offer a lot of convenience. Synthetic wigs do vary in quality and this is generally reflected in their price. The advantages of a synthetic fiber wig far outweigh the advantages of a human hair wig and that’s why Mimi’s only carries top quality synthetic wigs.

Synthetic wigs have been manufactured for a specific style. Most (but not all) synthetic wigs can be minimally trimmed. You need to have an experienced, licensed wig stylist trim/cut your wig. If synthetic wigs have a shortcoming, it’s their sensitivity to extreme heat. Care should be taken to avoid heat while cooking.  This includes the blast of heat from opening the oven door when you’re cooking or the heat from the dishwasher dry cycle, steam from boiling water and stir frying.  Also, be careful not to let a cigarette or candle get too close.

When choosing a wig, remember that matching the color of your hair can sometimes be tricky because of the lighting inside a salon. Feel free to go outside and check the color in natural sunlight.

Let one of our professionals assist you.

Choosing a Wig - Mimi's Wig Boutique

Choosing a Wig - Mimi's Wig Boutique

Choosing a Wig - Mimi's Wig Boutique