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Choosing Your Wig Salon

If this is your first experience with a wig, you should look for a full service wig salon that will provide you with:

  • Experienced, licensed Cosmetologists
  • Knowledgeable and caring sales personnel
  • Large wig inventory
  • Free consultations
  • Private areas for consultations and fittings
  • Accessories including, a large variety of head coverings, combs/brushes, wig care products such as shampoo, conditioner and  hair spray, wig stands,  and other items you may need.
  • Professional styling

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to choose a wig from a catalog or picture on the internet. Colors and color blends, styles and lengths are never the same as the picture. You have no idea about the fit or the weight of the wig until you try it on. For these reasons it is imperative that you visit the wig salon that will provide you with the largest inventory of wigs to look at. — Remember that you may need a wig that is not in inventory. If so, the wig salon should order the wig for you at no charge and with no commitment from you to purchase the wig when it arrives unless it is exactly what you want. NEVER PREPAY FOR A WIG.

Look for a salon that has three way mirrors that allow you to see all sides of your wig.

Mimi’s Wig Boutique will trim and customize your wig for free, when you purchase the wig. Remember that if you ask to have a wig cut or trimmed, you will have to purchase the wig.

You should insist that your wig salon have a “No Return” policy, which protects you against any communicable disease that may have been transmitted by a previous wearer. The salon should require that you wear a single use liner that they provide for free.  For this reason do not be pressured to purchase a wig. Take your time with your decision.

Make several visits to the wig salon. Remember, the wig salon is there to help you, not to pressure you. The salon should allow you to try on all the wigs that interest you (including all display wigs) and should help you determine proper fit, style and color.

  • They should show you how to wear and care for the wig.
  • How do you properly size and fit a wig?
  • How do you keep your wig on?
  • How do you clean a wig?
  • What products do you use to wash and condition a wig?
  • Should you use hair spray?
  • If so, what type of hair spray should you use?
  • Can you trim or cut the wig?

NEVER PAY A CONSULTING FEE. The wig salon should give you all information and instruction at no charge.

In the state of Texas, sales tax is not charged for wigs if you sign a Texas ‘Tax Exempt Certificate’ that states you have hair loss due to a medical condition. The wig salon should give a ‘Tax Exempt Certificate’ to you.

One of your best sources for information about a wig salon is to:
1. Ask your friends about wig salons.
2. Ask your hairdresser.
3. Contact your local American Cancer Society. They usually have a vendors list.
4. Visit several salons.
5. Ask your doctor and nurses.

Mimi and her staff 

Choosing Your Wig Salon - Mimi's Wig Boutique