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More than wigs …. Head Accessories

You will quickly find that head accessories are just as important as your wig.

Finding the right wig is only half of your hair-loss challenge. What will you sleep in and what can you wear around the house and in the yard or when making your neighborhood trips to the cleaners and grocery store?  Most people know what clothes they will wear for all of their activities but now need to consider what they will cover their head with.  The options are limitless……hats, scarves, berets, pre-made head coverings, classic knotted turban and you can even combine a hat with a scarf.  If you like a little “bling” many come in beautiful prints with a little (and sometimes a lot) bling on them. Professional salons carry a myriad of options to choose from.  Be sure to survey your closet and get a good inventory of what colors and styles you think you may need.  Some activities, like outdoor sporting activities, are best with a full coverage hat or a hat and scarf combination, especially in the Texas summer heat.  Other activities, like doctors office visits, chemo, or lounging around the house may call for a sleep cap, pre-made head covering or soft pre-tied scarf.  You may not always feel like wearing your wig so it’s important to consider other options and keep an open mind if you have never been a “hat person”.

Make sure your wig salon has sleep caps, scarves, pre-tied scarves, soft hats, comfort hats, kerchiefs, straw hats, turbans of all colors and styles, and other head wear.  Be sure to contact the salon in advance to make sure they have the selection you need.