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Your first visit to a wig salon


Not all people who receive cancer treatments experience hair loss, and it is a common - and very human - reaction to delay a decision about a wig, in the hope of being among the fortunate few that will not lose their hair. As difficult as it is to accept in advance the more likely outcome, we believe you should be prepared for a wig that is well fitting and natural-looking at this critical time.

Choosing a salon in which you have confidence is your first step, and this decision should be made as soon as possible. Be sure and go to the wig salon that has the largest inventory for you to choose from. It is very difficult (if not impossible) to choose the right color, length and style from a picture in a book. Your wig salon can give you the most help if they can see your hair's natural texture, length, color and style. So, make your visit as soon as possible. If for any reason you are unable to visit a wig salon before hair loss begins, you can provide the wig stylist with a good current photograph.

Visiting your salon as early as possible also allows sufficient time to locate and order the wig you want if the salon does not have it in stock. Your better wig salons have access to at least fifteen major manufacturers, and special orders should take no more than two to three days. PROFESSIONAL SALONS DO NOT REQUIRE PREPAYMENT ON SPECIAL ORDERS. You should pay only if what you special ordered is what you expected when it arrives.

DO NOT feel obligated to purchase a wig on your first visit. If you do happen to find the wig you want right away, be sure to get the color, number, style name and manufacturer's name so you'll know exactly what to ask for when you're ready to purchase. The important issue is not to let a salesperson pressure you to buy before you're 100 percent satisfied with your choice. Many people find exactly what they need on their first visit. The advantage of purchasing a wig as soon as possible is that you can get use to wearing and caring for the wig before your loss of hair.