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About Mimi’s Wig Boutique

If you are considering a wig for the first time, you may have questions and concerns about where and how to shop for the best wig quality and appearance. 

This web page is designed to give you some helpful hints and to help you make an informed choice. Our primary goal is to give each person her natural look, while making her first wig purchase an easy one.  Your need for a wig may be for fashion, travel, work, or medical (cancer, alopecia, surgery, hair loss due to prescription drugs, etc.)   This site will help you no matter what your reason is for needing a wig.  

Mimi’s Wig Boutique, established in 1979 in Dallas, Texas, understands the frustration and anxiety that a woman experiences with the temporary or permanent loss of hair.   Our customers consistently tell us that their family, friends, and co-workers can not tell that they are wearing a wig.   In fact, many temporary hair loss patients continue to wear their wig after their hair comes back because the wig looks natural and is so convenient .

Mimi’s Wig Boutique is the one of the largest wig salons in the nation with one of the largest wig inventory for you to choose from. If you have hair loss, you will find that other head-wear products are just as important (or more important) as your wigs. You will want to consider turbans, hats, scarves, sleep caps and other head wear. You will want to visit a wig salon that has a large inventory of wigs before you experience your hair loss. If your hair loss is due to a medical condition (cancer, chemotherapy, radiation, alopecia, drug or medication side effects) you will want to ask your insurance company if your insurance policy covers wigs or cranial prosthesis. Mimi’s Wig Boutique issues every medical patient a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company.

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Mimi’s has one of the largest inventories of synthetic wigs available and can give you what you are looking for when you need it.
Mimi’s is also listed on the American Cancer Society’s Shoppers Guide.

Mimi’s has been selected on of the Top Five Wig Salons in the nation by Mirabelle Magazine.


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Due to COVID-19, we are operating by appointment only. Please call so we can assist you.

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